Application Information

Application Information

Every tenant above the age of 18 must fill out an application and sign the lease. If application is approved, each applicant must pay for the background check(s).


This application, even if it is accepted, will not be considered a lease. A lease agreement will be made when an application, credit and background check is approved, all fees, deposits and advance rent are paid. Credit reports may be obtained before and during the lease term to ensure payment of rent, costs, fees and charges owed.

Information Provided Will NOT be shared

The information in this application or obtained during the process will not be shared or sold with anyone. Landlord(s) have permission to use information to make a decision of approval for the application.

We Are Committed to Equal Housing

Landlord(s) are committed to providing equal housing rights and will not discriminate against race, color, religion, national origin, sex, handicap, family status, or any other protected status.

Reason for Denial

If for some reason an application is denied, Landlord will provide a basis for denial when requested.

Falsification of Application

If there is any discovered falsification the application will be automatically denied and or revoked. If the application is denied and or revoked, Landlord has the right to hold all deposits and fees paid.


Security and pet deposits must be paid at the signing of lease separately by cash, cashier’s check, and or money order.

Resident Selection Criteria

  1. Age-applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Unless minor can prove emancipation.
  2. Credit-a credit report will be run on all applicants. Verified income, past rental history, criminal history and credit reports will determine eligibility.
  3. Income-Gross income of the applicant must exceed three times the rent. Other sources of verified income may be considered, including child support, grants, pensions, GI benefits, disability, trust funds, social security and savings accounts.
  4. Employment-If applicant is in the process of a new position and cannot provide paystubs, the applicant’s employer must write a “letter of intent” to prove employment.
  5. Self-employment, Retired or Unemployed-Applicant must provide previous year’s income tax return and last two bank statement. Seasonal employment will also need to be proven by providing the prior year’s tax returns.
  6. Criminal History-Any applicant 18 years of age or older, or emancipated minor, will be subject to a background check. If a violent felony committed within the last ten years is found, or a conviction of a sex or terrorist-related crime, application will be automatically denied.
  7. Housing History-If an applicant has an outstanding debt to previous landlord, an outstanding NSF check, a breach in a prior lease, prior eviction, in the process of eviction, or more than one late payment, applicant may be denied.
  8. Animals-No more than two animals per home will be allowed. Pet fees and deposits must be paid or a fine will be levied and paid or face eviction. Animals will at no times be a nuisance to neighbors.

By clicking this link, you agree to the statements above are true for you and any other inhabitants that will live with you.