Building Repair

Whether it is a small job or large. We can help!

When you hire Moore Property Solutions, you get Moore Quality, Moore Value, Moore Satisfaction!

Services We Provide:


You can trust Moore Property Solutions to do the job and do it to your satisfaction. We value a pleased customer. With every project our desire is to add value and functionality for you! Our team and partners are experienced in their field and can help you upgrade your home.


Any home over time will need repair. Maybe your repair issues are to much for you to do or you just don’t have enough time to get it done. That’s where we help! ¬†We can do it! Just call and we will be glad to give you a free cost estimate. Do you have a broken window or missing screens? Did that gutter fall down? If you need help, we are only a phone call away! If we can’t fix it, we will help you find another solution.


If you need it, we want to help. Maybe your ladder isn’t tall enough, yes we can get up there to do that! Sorry to hear your heating bill is so high, we can put in more insulation! We want to help. Just give us a call! Again, done to your satisfaction.