About Moore Property Solutions

About Moore Property Solutions

Moore Property Solutions specializes in providing solutions for people that are having problems with their properties. We are actively searching for properties to purchase in both the multi-family and residential real estate space.

Our Focus

We only proceed with win/win solutions. Our focus is to help people by providing property solutions.  We help individuals with their property ownership problems or provide solutions to life issues through the fast sale of their property. This allows families with the problems of property ownership to focus on other areas of life.  The solutions we provide can create opportunities where some have felt lost and even fearful.

Our Core Values

  • Honor God
  • Provide great service and encouragement
  • Build Trust
  • Build Relationship
  • Maintain Integrity and Honesty
  • Respect the personhood, time and the finances of others

Steve received a Bachelors of Finance degree from Florida State University.

Our History

Moore Property Solutions Owners Steve and Beth MooreWe buy real estate properties as investments for our selves and investors that want to invest with us. Steve started out in in 2009 with flipping a property with friends and then ventured into residential investing in 2011. Moore Property Solutions is a DBA (doing business as) of “So Much Moore LLC.” Established in 2013, Steve and Beth are the primary holders or  managing members.

Steve has a Finance Degree from FSU and also holds a Masters from SWBTS. He personally enjoys working with people and finding creative solutions to life’s problems.

Beth holds a Bachelors of Psychology and sociology from Southern Baptist University and Masters of Social Work from the University of Missouri.  While being a wife and mother, she also enjoys working as an Administrative assistant for www.eatathomecooks.com blog, has had her own blog at www.somuchmoore.net.

While giving the opportunity to honor God, and help others, Moore Property Solutions provides income for our family.  These are not just words to us. As a result, this is a way of life. We count it a privilege to be able to help others.  Our desire is to not only help you solve property issues but to encourage those we come in contact along the way.